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Dan Duran (aka tracey exenola) moved to Hamilton in 1987. Ten years later he formed his first band, Sequester, with Rob Murphy.

Dan Duran

After leaving that group in early 1998, he joined VHS, a short-lived brit-pop inspired group, that soon gave way to SophieXEnola. Featuring the entire editorial staff (at the time) of the zine Clinton, SophieXEnola specialised in taking 3 minute pop songs and extrapolating them out to fifteen minute one chord freakouts.

After the demise of SophieXEnola, the extremely short-lived Planet Claire project was undertaken in 2000, who practised for two weeks, and broke up on the completion of their one and only gig at the Pavillon Bar, Waikato Uni. The use of a drum machine neatly segued into Dan's next project though - which went under the name luna spark, while he adopted the pseudonym tracey exenola.

In addition to this, in 2002 he re-joined two of his old Sequester bandmates in Big Elephants on bass guitar. This group a year later mutated into Vetox, who broke up in 2004, preceding Dan's move to Auckland.

He continued to write and record under the alias luna spark until 2008, and played bass for disco-punk band Kitty Hawk with other ex-Htowners Kent Briggs, and John Irvine ex-of Malenky Robot through 2006-08.

In 2008 he changed his musical moniker to Raid Over Moscow to signal a change in musical direction, changed on a whim to Radio Over Moscow the same night the new website was set up, inspired by a Facebook message mis-read by a friend. The first Radio Over Moscow album Battletech was released in July 2009, follow-up Hide The Decline in 2010 and a double album, Deus Ex Robotica one track at a time over the course of 2011. Satherley changed the name of the project to Anecdata in 2016

He released the first track from his next musical venture, Dharma Police, in January 2011.

In 2000, Dan set up the original Hamiltron Yahoogroup email list, way back when email newsgroups were the shiznit, while editing Hamilton Music zine Clinton (2000/2001). He briefly supplied magazine Rip It Up with a Hamilton column, was conscripted to Nexus and published the short-lived Clinton follow-up zine Buzz in 2003. He then re-focused on the internets, helping set up the htown.co.nz website with web-genius drift in 2003, and launching the Htown Wiki with others in March/April 2006.

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