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Kent Hawk @the Kings Arms - photo from cheeseontoast
Auckland based disco-punk band, formed 2006. Through 2007 the line-up was wholly ex-Hamiltonians/ex-members of Dogs on Prozac, Vetox and Malenky Robot. In early 2008, after playing at Camp A Low Hum John and Dan left the band and were replaced by Matt (ex-Charlie Ash) and Oscar (from the Randoms).


  • Kent Hawk - guitar, synths, vocals
  • Simon Frost - drums (2009-)
  • Max Gillian - bass (2012-)

Former Members

  • Aiden Bryce - bass (2006)
  • Dan Hawk - bass (2007-08)
  • John Hawk - drums (2006-08)
  • Oscar Davies-Kay - bass (2009-2011)
  • Matt Brightwell - drums (2008-2009)


Kittyhawk setlist, 2007.JPG

Published Articles[edit]

  • Ones to Watch: Kittyhawk, Rip it Up 322, Apr/May 2008, p32

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