Hide The Decline

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Hide The Decline - LP
Hide The Decline is a an album released in April 2010 by indietronic/rock project Radio Over Moscow.


  1. Hide The Decline
  2. Not A Lot
  3. Killer On The Island
  4. Clarity
  5. Hell Of A Way
  6. Nic
  7. Countdown
  8. Until The End
  9. Pearl
  10. Yellow Kevin

Bonus Tracks[edit]

Tracks restricted to the full album download.

  1. Deja Vu
  2. Killer On The Island (remix)


All songs written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan X. The album was intended as a quickly-produced follow-up to debut record Battletech in order to provide more electronic-based material for performing live as a solo act, as opposed to the debut album's 'rock' focus'.


  • Dan X - programming, vocals, guitar, keys, bass, samples

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