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Battletech - July 2009


Radio Over Moscow is an indietronic/rock/electro group/solo project based in Auckland, New Zealand. The 'group' was formed in early 2009 by Dan X.

The project evolved from Dan's previous project, luna spark. The change in name represented a change in sound, to a more aggressive, polished electro-rock-style production.

Due to sharing a name with a number of bands, Satherley changed the name of the project to Anecdata in 2016.



MP3 singles

  • Deja Vu (September 2009 - leftover track from 'Battletech' sessions, remixed)
  • Killer on the Island - Remix (April 2010 - bonus track on 'Hide The Decline')


  • Dan X - guitar, bass, keys, programming, vocals, songwriting, production, mastering


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