Circle Jerk 2016

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After a break of five years, Hamilton Circle Jerk 2016 was held at The Meteor on the 17 September 2016. It was organised by Lauren Kerr-Bell.

Artists and songs[edit]

Circle Jerk 2016 poster

Looking for Alaska

The Halcyon Birds

Big Muffin Serious Band

Wizz Kids

  • Wizz Kids - Humiliations
  • Wizz Kids - New Song
  • Spiteful Urinator - Work Crimes
  • Wizz Kids - Moderation

Rumpus Room

  • Inchworm - You Get to Me
  • That's How It Is
  • Dangers

The Join Outs

  • Inchworm - Umbrella
  • The Join Outs - Come for a Ride
  • The Join Outs - Fall asleep

Dickless Dynamites

  • Deviant
  • Science Fiction Double Feature
  • The Bludgers - Don't Like You

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

Glass Shards


The Contenders

  • Hollow Grinders - Two Suits
  • The Contenders - IV of Lies
  • The Contenders - Good to be You

The F#ck!ng Spectaculars

Snake Oil Peddlers, listed on the poster, were unable to play.