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Mark Tupuhi (St Lucy)
Mark Tupuhi is a singer-songwriter, who has featured in the bands Jhana (1997 - 2001)

Schrodinger's Cat/Wonderbug (1998-2001) and St Lucy (2001-2007). In late 2007 he embarked on a solo career under his own name. To aid recording of his first self-titled solo album, Azkaban, Tupuhi released a package containing a "data" CD of MP3 files all his music ever recorded by his previous bands, along with rough recordings of songs from the new album, photos and videos, and a second "audio" CD titled 23 Reasons, containing a selection of his favourite songs from through his career.

Tupuhi was partly responsible for starting the Hamilton Circle Jerk event (a.k.a.Harden Up, Ow) in 1995.


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Mark Tupuhi MySpace page

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