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The 4th Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk was held at Digger's Back Bar on the 31st of May, 2008. The event was emceed by Richard Swainson.

Artists and songs[edit]

Circle Jerk 2008 internet poster

Mark Tupuhi & Nathan Bregman (Offal Baby):

  • The Shrugs - Space is Black
  • MSU - Old Cunts (to a Crowded House tune "Don't dream it's over")
  • MSU - We are MSU (to another Crowded House tune "4 Seasons in One day". Half way through started singing the Crowded House lyrics)

Big Muffin Serious Band:

The Weather (credited as Matthew Bannister):

  • The Gills - Thought that I lost you
  • David Pine - Listening to Merle Haggard Singing
  • Mike Crook - 2

Dynamo Go:

Ministry of Hypocrisy:

  • All the YouTube clips of Hamilton music videos they could find all playing at the same time

The Shrugs: Feat. Roz Case

DJ Handbrake:

The Stevie Ray, Cream, Hendrix & Snoop Dogg Experience:


Rumpus Room feat. Kerry Cooper:

One Fat Man:



  • I think they did a Ghidrah song? Also played too many songs.

Johnny Fist:

External Links[edit]

Recordings of Circle Jerk 2005-2008 by Paul T