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Contact - LP
Contact was an album releasedin 2013 by indietronic/rock project Radio Over Moscow.


  1. Putting the ‘H’ in ‘Rashist’ (Lawful Evil)
  2. Contact (Is What We Want, Yeah)
  3. The National (Party) Anthem
  4. Chemicals (Animal/Cannibal)
  5. Swampman (I Am Real)
  6. This Means More (Immaterial)
  7. Apathy (It Rules the World)
  8. (Why Don't You) Stop It
  9. (The) Thrill of Your Life
  10. Tell You (Nothing)
  11. God (Is Watching You)
  12. Left Out


All songs written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan X, except #2 and #10 written by Dan X and Dan X.


  • Dan X - programming, vocals, guitar, keys, bass, keyboard, samples

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