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Formed in 1988 by Matt J Nicholls (guitar, bass, vocals) and Michel (drums, bass, vocals), described by Michel as follows:

"In my early teens a friend and I put together a short-lived dark metal project called Nösferätu (no relation to the UK gothic band Nosferatu); and meanwhile I tried my hand at solo home recording experiments using the name of Danse Macabre from about 1987...
...early versions of songs like “Necrophilia” were first played with Nösferätu.
- Michel, from 13 Questions with Disjecta Membra (Jan, 2006) on Cathedral 13 Radio, USA

Also said to have involved Simon Wood on guitar and bass, and various drummers. Michel says Justin Greenwood became the band's permanent drummer in 1989, but Greenwood himself denies any recollection of playing with Nösferätu.

Disbanded in 1990 or 1991. Michel later formed Disjecta Membra. Matt Nicholls joined Waters, fronted by original Disjecta Membra bassist Dave Jones. Simon Wood became the violin player for Zangiacomo's Eastern Tour. Justin Greenwood later played drums with 3 on a Meathook and became the vocalist for GODDOG

No known official releases, but Necrophilia (mentioned above) later appears as a Disjecta Membra song on the Achromaticia album.

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