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"Ahcromaticia" cover

Achromaticia was an album released by Disjecta Membra on Heartland Records (Australia; HL09) in 1997. It was distributed in Australia by Heartland Records, Demogorgon, Newmarket, and Ground Under Productions; in New Zealand by Heartland Records and Mediatrix; in the UK and Europe by Resurrection Records and Nightbreed UK; and in the US by Middle Pillar.

The album was re-released in early 2018 as Achromaticia: Twentieth Anniversary Edition. This included two bonus discs of material, including demos recorded while the band was based in Hamilton, and live performances of songs played at The Meteor, The Exchange, The Wailing Bongo and live-to-air on Contact 89FM.


  • Engineered by Dave Lowndes; Produced by Dave Lowndes and Michel
  • Pre-production assisted by Kurt Joy, Bevis Langman Painter and Andrew Newth during December 1996.
  • Keyboards, samples, sequences and drum-machines were recorded at Theta Productions by Dave Lowndes and Michel, on December 14th and 15th, 1996.
  • Guitars, bass and vocals were recorded and engineered by Dave Lowndes at the Waikato Polytechnic Studios in Hamilton, on December 20th - 22nd, 1996.
  • Album mixed and mastered at Waikato Polytech by Dave Lowndes and Michel on December 23rd & 24th, 1996.


  • Michel - vocals, guitars, keyboards, samples and programming
  • Ben Cauchi - bass, additional samples (track 3), screams (track 1)
  • Tamlyn Martinovich - keyboards (tracks 2, 4, 10 & 11, plus all live keyboards)
  • Deonne Rowland - spoken word (track 3)

All words and music by Michel, except:

  • basslines for Skin Trade, Cauldron of Cerridwen, Water-Wings and Danse Macabre written by Michel and Ben Cauchi
  • keyboards for Skin Trade, Cauldron of Cerridwen and The Sleep written by Michel and Tamlyn Martinovich
  • words for Malcolm by Michel and Deonne Rowland
  • Rats originally written and performed by The Haunting


  1. Cathedral
  2. Skin Trade
  3. Malcolm
  4. Third Song
  5. Androgyne Waltz
  6. Rats
  7. From the Cradle
  8. Necrophilia
  9. (Candlemas):
  10. Cauldron of Cerridwen
  11. The Sleep
  12. Water-Wings
  13. Cathedral (Deus ex Machina Mix)
  14. Danse Macabre
  15. (An Epitaph) (hidden track)