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Rob Talsma

Born in Canada, Rob Talsma featured in a number of Hamilton bands through the 1990s. Most notable amongst these was Inchworm, where he played drums and was also the composer and lead vocalist on a number of songs, including the popular Umbrella. Prior to Inchworm Rob was in Dream Mary, and during the Inchworm years he also featured in Tobermorie and Inspector Moog. Rob left New Zealand in 1999 with fellow Inchworm member Scott Brodie, forming Girlinky (who broke up in 2005) and Grok in 2006 (a band also featuring Scott Brodie, and modelled on Brodie's former band of the same name). He is was also a member of Dobra Robota, and most recently Five Second Burn.

Talsma is also a talented music video maker, first making a stop-motion video for Inchworm's Umbrella, and he has since made animated videos for Girlinky and Grande Cobra. These can be viewed here.

Published Articles[edit]

  • Five Second Burn interview, HUPzine issue 2, February 2016