Kaleidoscope World Series 6

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Sampler CD released at the sixth of the Kaleidoscope World series of concerts, Saturday 8th May 2004 at Diggers Bar, Hamilton, New Zealand. Series 6 included Daisy Chain Halo, Dead Pan Rangers and Chuganaut from Hamilton. Kaleidoscope World is organised by Powertool Records.


"Kaleidoscope World Series 6" cover art
  1. Prudence - Betrayal
  2. Goon - Be Mine
  3. Edward Gains - Coffin Car
  4. Dead Pan Rangers - All the Goodies
  5. Dead Souls - Genius of Love (live)
  6. Daisy Chain Halo - Killing Floor
  7. The Feds - Full Circle
  8. Chuganaut - Grrroovage