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"What Not To Do..." cover art

Vorn Colgan was born in Tauranga, eventually moving to Hamilton after playing in a number of New Plymouth bands. In Hamilton Vorn played in The Living Room; gigs in this band included Battle of the Bands 1998. After the demise of this band Vorn recorded his first album, Normal the Normal Normal, in 1999. Vorn then moved to Wellington, where he has continued to release music in a solo capacity. His first Hamilton recording was re-released in 2008 on the Powertool Records CD What Not To Do, A Record Of Early Embarrassments. Since 2003 he has also performed in Dangerpin with Christopher Agar, releasing two EPs (The Leapy EP and The Beepy EP) and an album (Dangerpin in Albumen).

Selected Releases[edit]