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Resulting from circumstances resembling the histories of both the Sex Pistols and Fleetwood Mac, Runt were the brainchild of "Musical Svengali Raoul Sloburn", although Slowburn never actually played with the group.

The original line-up chosen by Raoul was Malcolm Hutchinson (vocals), Martin Fisher (guitar), Tonamu (lap-steel), Justine Francis (violin) Petra Jane (bass) and Stan Jagger (drums). They played mostly old American folk, gospel, country and blues with a Southern flavour, including many of Malcolm's favourites by The Carter Family. Malcolm would generally introduce the band by saying:
"G'devenin' y'aall, this here's Runt... Rhymes with Sum'nt"

Justine and later Petra Jane both left the group during 2004, whilst the menfolk endured until their final performance on Anzac Day 2005. Some of their most celebrated performances during that time included the time they were supposed to play at Contact's first birthday, didn't show up, and instead played in somebody's lounge later that night; and Malcolm's going away party at Number 9 Kitchener Street, for which Petra Jane was rumoured to be rejoining the group but never showed. Tonamu later went to her house and vomitted on her doorstep; an event now cited by several former members as the peak of Runt's career.

Malcolm's favourite live review which he repeated often was being told that he had "successfully liberated the songs from the constraints of rhythm, meter, and melody". Disbanded when Malcolm left Hamilton. 'Runt' reformed in 2016, including Hutchinson and Fisher, and played events including the 2nd Annual HUP and Hum Xmas Party. The Current Line-up features Hutchinson, Fisher, Miller, Jane Blackler, Meg Davies and Margaret Connelly.

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