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The 2009 York Street Recording Studios Band Experiments were held at Flow and organised by the Hamilton Live Music Trust. The winner was Knights of the Dub Table and runner up was Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers. Winners of each heat are marked with an asterisk (*). Runners up of each heat (progressing to the Wild Card Draw) marked with (^). Bands are listed in the order they played.

Band Experiments 2009 internet flier, final

Heat 1 - 17 September

Heat 2 - 24 September

Heat 3 - 1 October

Heat 4 - 8 October

Final - 15 October


  • Due to a tie with the numerical judging score, Heat Two had two runner ups.
  • Only three bands played in Heat 3: Congaline pulled out of the competition too late for a replacement band to be found.

Published Articles[edit]

  • University is the Time to Experiment by Hollie Jackson, Nexus, 28 September 2009, P8
  • Band Experiments Heat Up by Grant Burns, Nexus, 5 October 2009, P9
  • Knights dubbed best live band, Hamilton Press, 28 October 2009, P27