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NRG Rising

NRG Rising are a five piece R&B/Reggae band formed in April 2009, fronted by three female vocalists (Sistah B, Anahera and Honey). The band, originally called 3 Up Front, focus on composing original music and songs, although still include some covers in their sets. They competed at Band Experiments 2009, winning their heat to reach the finals. Their debut single Summertime Party received airplay widely on iwi stations. Their debut album, From Darkness to Light, was released in February 2011.


  • Sistah B (Benita Tahuri): percussion and vocals
  • Anahera (Anahera-Pono Tahuri Whakatope): vocals
  • Honey (Harete Whariki Tahuri-Whakatope): vocals
  • Brother Truce (Bevin Hira): bass
  • TNT (Trinity Blake): drums

Former Members[edit]

Darkness to Light cover art
  • 2 Roads (Shaun Mortensen): drums
  • Jason Davis: rhythm guitar


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