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"We Are All Bigots" art

Ghosts of Electricity described their early sound as blues, folk and postpunk, with influences including Joy Division, Lou Reed and Bob Dylan; indeed, the band took their name from a Dylan lyric. More recently, their sound has been described as White Collar Punk. They played at Band Experiments 2009, and released their first EP, Ghosts of Electricity, in mid-2010. In late 2011 they released their second EP, Slavery/Pohutukawa, and Don't Try in 2013.

Moving to Auckland, the band have changed personnel, with only Tim Fowler surviving from the original band. In late-2015, they released their first album, Trolls, which was followed up by Music to get Puppies to Sleep in 2017.



  • Tim Fowler - guitar, vocals
  • Patrick Girard - drums
  • Peter Beazley - bass

Former Members[edit]

  • Vince Langdon
  • Winston Shadbolt

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