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Trinket - photo by Kent Blechynden

Trinket was the first incarnation of The Datsuns, formed in 1995 by Dolf de Borst, Phil Buscke Somervell and Matt Osment. Christian Livingstone joined in 1997.

The band entered the Contact 89FM Battle of the Bands on three occasions, placing third in 1997, and eventually losing out to Trucker in 1998 (for whom Dolf played bass also). The following year Trinket were victorious.

Recording and releasing material on cassette tapes, Trinket built up quite a following around Hamilton due to goofy yet irresistible songs like Girly Gumshoe, and a tendency to play raucous, highly energetic, equipment-smashing live sets.

A number of Trinket songs referenced the equipment they were using at the time, such as Casiotone and an early rendition of Harmonic Generator, which would later become a well-known song for The Datsuns.

They released the track Moral Dilemma on the 1996 compilation In Love With This Town. Girly Gumshoe appeared on the 1998 promo CD NZ on Air Indie Hit Disc 7

In 2000 they changed their name to The Datsuns.

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