Spatula Death Battle of the Bands

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Nexus advertisement for the first Spatula Death BOB

An annual "Battle of the Bands" competition organised by Spatula Death between 1995 and 1997, which was always won by Spatula Death... even when they werent playing. The competition was started when Spatula Death didn't win the 1995 Contact 89FM Battle of the Bands, and started their own competition which they would win. Spatula Death won every year. The scoring for the competition was based on how many members of Spatula Death were in a band, with 1 point being assigned for any member of Spatula in a band. The closest another band got to winning was Groll in 1996, who shared two members with Spatula Death and therefore got two points. Spatula Death only actually played in the competition once, in 1995. "Competitors" in the 1996 competition were Grok, Captain Stubing, Huckery, Bwa da Riddim, Rumpus Room and Groll, and the 1997 competition included Mystery Machine and Spokey Dokey.