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Huckery formed in 1996, and had a longstanding rivalry with Rumpus Room for the title of Hamilton's most huckery band.

Huckery's members were Aaron Watkinson on vocals, guitar and bass, Kevin Glover on bass and guitar and Dean Ballinger on drums. Dean also did vocals on the band's covers of Proud Scum's "I Am A Rabbit", which involved him hopping around the stage of The Exchange, rabbit-like, and throwing carrots into the audience. Aaron and Dean were both members of Mobile Stud Unit during Huckery's period of activity.

Huckery's debut gig was the Spatula Death Battle of the Bands in 1996 in Downstairs Oranga, with Bwa da Riddim, Rumpus Room and others. Unsurprisingly, Spatula Death won the competition without needing to even take the stage.

Huckery supported Grok and Groll at the launch of Grok's CD Bubbles and Noises from the Aquarium in July 1996.

The band played its last gig at Kevin's 21st in July 1998, almost a year to the day after its previous gig. Fittingly Rumpus Room played support. (Well, they played first.)

Huckery has not broken up, although the members have pursued various side projects during the recent 22 year hiatus.

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