Lost on a Highwire

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Lost on a Highwire (Some of the Songs of Mike Miller) was a compilation of songs written by Mike Miller performed by other artists, on Mutchison Hiller Records. It was released with a gig at the 2016 Fringe Festival.

  • All songs, except tracks 5, 8 and 13, recorded by Mark Tupuhi at Brevity


Lost on a Highwire cover art
  • Intro - Mike Miller
  • Tsunami - St Lucy
  • Spit Out the Sun - DateMonthYear
  • Falling Tide - Phisch Face
  • Dolphine Giil - Sam Rocker
  • New Star (Same Old Sky) - Chelsee Wollaston
  • Still Life (Baby Dreaming) - Baby Foam
  • Capt, Hamilton - Big Muffin and the Te Pahu County Bluegrass Band
  • Life in an Infinite Plane - Richard Selinkoff
  • Rachel Under the Waterfall - The Goth and the Pixie
  • Sugar Rain - Justine Francis
  • Broken Seagull - Marga
  • Gravity Seeds - The Halcyon Birds
  • Sound of the River - Pete Fountain
  • Calcutta in the Christmas - Mark Tupuhi
  • Spinning Sister - Faith Miru