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Daisy Chain Halo - Carl, Luke and Corinna

The nucleus of what would later become Daisy Chain Halo began life in Wellington band Porch in 1998. When Porch disbanded in 1999, Carl Watkins and Corinna Watts continued writing and performing as a duo, deciding to move to Hamilton later that year. The duo arrived in Hamilton in early 2000, relocating on the basis of Htown's reputation as New Zealand's rock capital and its central location. Songwriting team Carl and Corinna formed the core of the band, with drummers changing several times during the band's lifespan. Daisy Chain Halo ended in May 2005, due to drummer Luke Hale's desire to focus on his jazz-fusion exploration with fellow Hamilton band Apollo. The split was not acrimonious, with all three members remaining good friends.


Daisy Chain Halo in 2003 - photo by Dan Duran
* Carl Watkins - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Corinna Watts - bass, electric guitar, piano, keys, backing vocals, percussion
  • Luke Hale - drums, percussion (2002 - 2005 )
  • Ben Chapman - drums (2000-2002)
  • BJ Hiha - drums (2000)


Daisy Chain Halo (DCH) was born when Wellington post-grunge underdogs Porch split due to the usual 'differing musical directions'. Vocalist and guitarist Carl Watkins, and bassist and co-songwriter Corinna Watts decided to go it alone.

Having shed their electric skin the band, then with former Pushkin drummer BJ Hiha, felt they needed to make a career move and relocate to somewhere more central and closer to NZ’s largest city, Auckland. Although they had never been there previously, they settled on Hamilton, moving at the beginning of 2000.

Daisy Chain Halo setlist @Ward Lane, 22/08/2003

Daisy Chain Halo won both the Hamilton Band Experiments, the Waikato Battle of the Bands, and the Waikato regional final of the NZ Battle of the Bands competitions in 2001, performing in the national final of the latter. They toured Melbourne, Australia to rave responses in 2002, however, as with a lot of bands, they had trouble keeping a drummer. Luke Hale entered the picture in June of 2002 after meeting Carl through a social soccer team, and went on to become the band's longest serving drummer and acknowledged 'soulmate'. Luke would prove impossible to replace after his departure in 2005, the band was unable to recreate the unique chemistry they had together and subsequently decided to end.

The group recorded their debut album in 2003 with long-time sound engineer, mentor and friend Scott Newth. The album was recorded at DownbeatStudio, Hamilton. In 2004 DCH chose to release a selection of tracks only, as an EP, and keep the remainder of the album tracks unreleased. The EP was distributed through Auckland indie label Powertool Records and remains the band's sole release to date.

Corinna Watts and Carl Watkins also organised the popular 9 Bands For No Bucks events in Hamilton between 2000 - 2002.


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  • Daisy Chain Halo Win Local Band Contest, Waikato Times, 24 August 2001, P2

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