9 Bands For No Bucks

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Big Elephants at 9 Bands' 2002

Beginning life as 'FreedomFest', 9 Bands For No Bucks was a free entry annual event held at Innes Common, Lake Rotoroa in November celebrating local music and culture. Organised by Corinna Watts and Carl Watkins from the group Daisy Chain Halo, the first event (as FreedomFest) was held in 2000, changing to 9 Bands For No Bucks for 2001 and 2002. 9 Bands For No Bucks ended in 2003, due to the organisers no longer having time available to continue the event.

Poster for 9 Bands, 2002

Bands who've played at 9 Bands[edit]

Nexus article on 9 Bands 2001

2001: Saturday 17 November

2002: Saturday 23 November

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