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Johnny Fist's band has been together in various guises since 1995. They have been known variously as Johnny Fist & The Urban Casuals, Johnny Fist & The Loose Forward Trio, Johnny Fist & The Wankers and Johnny Fist & The Post-Modern Lovers to name but a few of the more memorable monikers; Johnny's backing band adopts a different name for every show they play.

The original line-up of Johnny Fist's band was Johnny on vocals, Biff Bangle on drums, Stanley Knife on guitar and Bernard Tupelo on bass.

In 1999 Biff Bangles was replaced by Sticks Growler when Biff went to the UK. In 2000 Bernard Tupelo also went to the UK and was replaced by Otto Krechmar. The same year, Sticks left and was replaced by The T Man. In 2004 Bernard returned home and Otto was out of a job.

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