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Gareth Schott is the main songwriter and guitarist in Hamilton-based recording band sink \ sink and served as songwriter and guitarist for Ancient Tapes active between 2014-17.

sink \ sink released their debut EP Center Folds (via childrenplay records, UK) in July 2011. Their debut album The Darkest Dark Goes was released by Feedback Loop Label (Portugal) in 2012. The follow up, 'a lone cloudburst' was released by Already Dead Records in 2013. The second album was produced, mixed and mastered by Sean Erin Lynch of Conway.

In 2013 Schott and Jamie Dryden of Laughter in the Mainsail and Blood Pops released a spoken-word EP as Cautionary Tales for Children[1] on Rob Shirlow's Gravel Streak Records.

Schott put sink \ sink on indefinite hiatus when Hamilton band Ancient Tapes began in March 2014. The band released an EP in Feb 2015 (Hummingbird)[2] and Demo Cassette in 2017. The band have disbanded twice. First in May 2015 when singer Sam Brockelsby relocated to Germany and the second time in July 2017.

Prior to their 2017 hiatus and eventual split in 2018 Ancient Tapes supported The Bats and The Wedding Present. The band achieved the support slot for the North Island leg of The Wedding Present's 2017 NZ tour, but were only able to play the one gig due to the band illness.

Schott began an electro-punk outfit Celebrity Death Hoax with Wairehu Grant and Pip Six during Ancient Tape's first hiatus. The band played HUM's 1st Birthday gig and the first Future City Festival.

Schott has performed live with birds of passage and on occasion for Conway. He reunited with former Ancient Tapes bandmember Rob Shirlow as a member of Sora Shima from 2019-2021.

Since 2017 he has been a member of Broadcast State with Scott Newth, Andrew Newth, Kent Newth and Nathan Bregmen

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2016 performing with Conway @ Zeitgeist: Bowie