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Final gig art

Laughter in the Mainsail were active between 2008 and 2010. The bands core members were Leyton Broom (guitar) Joel Brifault (drums) Jamie Dryden (vocals) and Alan Deare (bass). Ruth Randall was another vocalist. They also had a violin player. Jono Gemmell became the next drummer. Leyton and Jamie collaborated to write the bulk of the material. Gigs included the Mammoth first birthday bonanza, support for Clap Clap Riot and Circle Jerk 2009. In February 2010 they had a farewell gig at Ward Lane with Milk Train and The Dusk.

They also have written Following their break up, Dryden and Deare formed Blood Pops in 2011. Haunted Ears 2011 album worth a mention. Leyton and Jamie are still collaborating to this day on various projects. Recently, they performed an exclusive rooftop gig above the town square - Garden place?

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