Frankton Municipal Band

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The Frankton Municipal Band, also called the Frankton Town Band, was a symphonic community band formed in 1912, with the band receiving their instruments in October that year. The band immediately held 20 members. The bands first public performance was at the Frankton Bowling Club, with members wearing white tunics and caps. In December they played at the Frankton Junction Town Hall, to raise funds for new uniforms. On December 30, they played at Raglan.

In 1916, following a split in the 16th (Waikato) Regimental Band, a number of new members joined the band. In January 1917, they performed for the first time at the Band Rotunda, and played their again in June. In May, they received new uniforms.

Hamilton and Frankton amalgamated in April 1917; following this they became known as the Hamilton Municipal Band.


  • Mr McMillan - Bandmaster, 1912
  • Thomas Donovan (snr.) - Bandmaster, 1915-1917
  • Henry Salmon - cornet, 1916
  • F.C. Sawyer - 1917
  • H. Vass
  • P. Jarrett
  • Cecil Jamieson - 1916-1917