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DJ Militia (aka Stacey Adams) is a Hamilton based hip-hop and R&B artist. Inspired by Hamilton DJ's like Ric Rush, DJ Freeman and PW1, early performances included gigs at Legends, Groove Inn, Shakes and the Loaded Hog. In 1996 he met Omega B and his crew REAL, and joined the group as a DJ. Later he went on to Native Sons and Flax Roots (1997); it was Flax Roots that gave him the moniker DJ Militia. In 2001 Militia won a local club DJ competition at the Loaded Hog, winning some recording gear, leading to his transition from DJ to producer. In 2002 Militia left Hamilton for Auckland, attending the Music & Audio Institute of NZ (MAINZ), returning to Hamilton in 2005. He then turned his garage into a home studio, K-Town Studio, where he has been been making beats and recording songs with 4 Corners, MC Karmin, Tyna, Lady 6, Tyra, Maia, P.Money, and others. Most significantly, the 4 Corners album Foundations was recorded there.


Scratch Break appears on the 2003 compilation Major Flavours 4

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