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One of Hamilton's earliest serious hip-hop crews, REAL (short for "Rappers Explore Authentic Lyrics") formed in 1993 from members of Black and White Time. Their MC's were Omega B (a.k.a. Brett Wagner, who hosted the Hip Hop Impact show on Contact 89FM from 1993, followed by the All City Hip Hop Show on UFM), PWI (Phillip Peita) and B-Corz (Brendon Chase), and DJs Freeman (Freeman Fatu) and Ric Rush.

REAL gained some immediate local success, with the song Kickin' Wicked Rhymes (a song previously released on Juice Extractor by Black and White Time) attaining the #1 position on the Contact 89FM Top 13. They played support for Upper Hutt Posse at the 1994 University of Waikato Orientation. Omega B went on to 4 Corners and Ric Rush to Flax Roots.

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