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Active since about 2000, Cosmic Ska Child are a popular live band who have been very enthusiastically received by audiences at a diverse array of events ranging from Ska Fest 2000 (with Royal Rumble and The Offbeats) through to the New Zealand Witches' Ball 2005 (with Disjecta Membra, AVOTOR, Aether and The WBC). Since the mid-2000s they have been simply known as Ska Child

Ska Child play mostly covers of classic 1970s reggae, dub and ska, but have also been known to perform memorable reworkings of songs by Wendyhouse and The Shrugs at Circle Jerk 2005 and have made many fans from audiences outside of the ska/reggae genres. With most members having other, more "serious" originals projects, other than booking live shows CSC do not tend to be overly pro-active about promoting their "profile" with biographical press information and so forth. Nonetheless, perhaps by virtue of the esteemed and talented personalities involved, they have secured a reputation as a significant factor in the Htown music scene, untainted by the usual stigma of being a "covers band".

Ska Child's core members are former Boil Up front-man Gary Clarkson on vocals and guitar, Martin Fisher (most notably of Hand of Glory, Tsunami Band on upright bass, Paul Tregilgas on drums, Chris Fields on trumpet, and Chris Bennet on saxophone. The band have perfomed with a line-up of up to 6 or 7 members.


Mr Jones appears on the 2008 compilation Conscious Roots 5

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