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"Street Fighters" 7" cover

The Bronx were a Hamilton rock group from the early 1980s, initially featuring Ian Jeffries (guitar, keyboards), Robert Smith (guitar, vocals), Jon Bell (bass) and Chris Paraha (drums). They started in 1979 as Young Lust with this lineup, and played one concert at Hamilton Lake, and a number at Hillcrest Tavern and Maceys, but changed it to The Bronx in 1981. Later, the lineup evolved into Jeffries, Bell, Rik Bernards (guitar, piano, vocals) and Jeff Lethberg (drums).

The band released two singles and an album, had a two year residency at the Hamilton Hotel, and played at the Sweetwaters festival in 1983. The Sweetwaters performance was initially delayed for an hour by a power failure, after which they played in gusty conditions. Ian Jefferies went on to join the Politicians and Bernards and Bell formed Knightshade.


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