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"Love Slayer Insane" cover art
Whisperscream were a mainstream heavy rock band from the 80s/90s, formed by Darryl Monteith (vocals, guitar), Moses Hiakita (bass, vocals), Wayne Lim (drums, vocals) and Chris Moses (guitar, vocals). They evolved out of the bands Bio-Luvals, Joe 90, the Urban Gorillas and the Pink Love Torpedoes. They released a cassingle, Love Slayer Insane in 1990, after which Chris Moses left the band, being briefly replaced by Craig Pollock before settling on Jason Tong in mid-1991. They released a full CD album, Vampire Cafe, in 1993. They covered Hot Chocolate's Everyone is a Winner on the 1992 compilation HUM Sampler 92, and released Walls on Bark Number One. The latter song also appeared on Kiwi Hit Disc 7. Three songs, Heartfull of love, Sweet Guy and M appear on the 2002 compilation REAL.

Check out the band Facebook page for video etc.

Published Articles[edit]

  • WHISPERscream interview, Zone Issue 2, September/October 1992, P5-6

External Links[edit]

  • Whisperscream Facebook page [1]