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The Satellites performing in 1965

The Satellites are a rock'n'roll group formed in September 1957. The band was popular in the early 1960s, and were still periodically active in the 2000s. The original lineup of The Satellites was Ken Wadsworth (saxaphone), Dawn Wadsworth (piano), Ivor Fisher (vocals) and Irvine Young (drums; 1957-1960). Other members of the band at various times were Sonny Murray (bass; from 1960), Derek Cummings (lead guitar), Tony Edwards (guitar; from 1960), Morrie Holmes (drums; from 1960), Trevor Akoorie (lead guitar), June Paterson (vocals), Eric Urtley (trumpet), Pat Reinhart (guitar) and Curtis Edwards (1987).

The band played regularly at the Starlight Ballroom, having a contract to play three nights a week there for two years between 1960 and 1962, and released four singles between 1962 and 1963. One of the highlights for the band was a tour of New Zealand in 1967, as the backing band for Millie Small, Maria Dallas, David Whitfield and Eden Kane. The book "Stranded in Paradise" by John Dix states that The Satellites were a band who gained brief success with an instrumental hit inspired by The Shadows, who visited New Zealand in 1961. The band were still active in the 2000s, with a line-up of Ken Wadsworth (saxophone), Dawn Finch (piano), Trevor Akoorie (lead guitar), Johnny McIntosh (drums), Wayne Wright (bass) and Ivor Fisher (vocals).


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Published Articles[edit]

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