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Sonny Murray was a member of Hamilton band The Satellites, joining three years into their existence. From Auckland, Murray was spotted playing with The Howard Morrison Quartet and asked by Ken Wadsworth to join The Satellites. He first joined on guitar, but six months later swapped to bass after Derek Cummings joined the band. At different times he also played the electric mandolin and violin, and often sang. His deep voice was likened to 1950s and 1960s American country and pop singer Jim Reeves. Murray played in the sold-out 40th anniversary reunion gig in 1997, but was too ill to fully take part in their 50th anniversary celebrations, singing only one song I Love You Because.

While living in Auckland Murray was renowned for busking in Raglan, Rotorua and other towns; he would travel with his band for gigs or parties, and the next day he would busk to raise enough money to return to Auckland.

Murray died in late 2009, aged 79.

Published Articles[edit]

Satellites Sorely Miss Band Mate by Natalie Akoorie, Waikato Times, 18 November 2009

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