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Big Muffin Serious Band in 2008 at Ward Lane. Photo by PetraJane.

Purveyors of fine (and often silly) ukulele music in Hamilton and New Zealand since 1983. General musical classification; country-punk-skiffle/barbershop rock. Instrumentation incorporates ukulele, tea-chest bass, snare drum, home-made gadgets, various toys and miscellaneous non-musical implements. Also known for shadow-puppetry, stilt-walking, ludicrous costumes and general clowning.

Founding members were Graeme Cairns, Jim Fulton (ex-Maiden Britain) and the late Ian Coldham-Fussell, with their first performance at the Waikato Winter Show in May 1983. The band has had numerous lineup changes, with Cairns and Fulton constants throughout. In 2013 the band released a celebratory video for their 30th Anniversary, Mr T. Pot; it was the bands first official music video, and all former members were invited to be in the video, with twelve present and past members appearing.

BMSB Musicians[edit]

Itsy Bitsy cover art
  • Graeme Cairns: 1983- present
  • Jim Fulton: 1983- present
  • Ian Coldham-Fussell: 1983
  • Chris Allen: 1984
  • Mark Walles: 1984
  • Keith MacMillan: 1985-86
  • Peter (P. Bagg) Caldwell: 1986-88
  • Paul VanWering: 1988-89
  • Bryce Galloway: 1989-90
  • Jeff Howell: 1991-92
  • Steve Matich: 1990-95
  • Matthew Shirley: 1993-95
  • Bevan (Baz) Galbraith: 1997-present
  • Tony Wyeth: 1999
  • Nick Clothier: 2004-2012
  • Adam Fulton: 2005-2???
  • Paul Tregilgas: 2???-present
  • James Sutherland: 2???-present
Jabberwocky Goes To Town cover art

BMSB bottlers/dancers/guest musicians[edit]

  • The Naughty See-Monkey (original go-go dancer): 1986-88
  • Trudy Kendall (go-go): 1988-93
  • Alec Forbes (go-go): 1989-95
  • Adrian (Droid) Holroyd (go-go): 1995-99
  • Craig Beere (go-go): 2003-2005
  • Adrienne Carthew (stilts): 2004
  • Donald Nicholls: 2???-present


  • The song Look Out, There's a Monster Coming appeared on the 2020 compilation In Thrust We Trust.


Some of these recordings are available from the University Library.

Published Articles[edit]

  • Big Muffin Meets Members for a Cup of Tea, Hamilton Press, 19 June 2013, P33

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