Maiden Britain

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"Maiden Britain"

Maiden Britain was formed in Tokoroa as Made In Britain, and included Adrian Ellis (bass, vocals), Clive Morgan (guitar) and Andrew Brilliant (drums). Ellis, wife Dawn Ellis (keyboards) and Brilliant moved to Hamilton in the early 1980s. Jim Fulton joined on guitar, but left in 1983 to form The Big Muffin Serious Band. Morgan rejoined and they changed their name to Maiden Britain.

They released the single The Day / Travelling Light in October 1985, and had success on the North Island pub cover circuit. Around 1985, Adrian and Dawn Ellis left the band, replaced by Mike Wilkie (from Good Question; vocals), and for several months Warren Williams (Stainless Steel; bass). When Williams left, Phil Walsh filled in on bass until a new bassist joined. The band spit around 1987.