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Initially called the Bodacious Motherfuckers, OK Dinghy were formed in Te Kuiti in the late-1960s or early 1970s after the members moved to a commune there from Ponsonby. The first stable lineup comprised Todd Hunter (vocals), Ray Goodwin (guitar) and Div Vercoe (drums). Goodwin had previously been in Hamilton bands Third Reich Blues Band and The Jacob Manning Group. Influences included Miles Davis, The Greatful Dead and The Beatles, and the band played regular gigs at Waikato University during this time. Successive drugs busts moved the band to Eureka and then Hamilton (a house on Lake Road). When Vercoe left the band, guitarist Don Bedgegood and drummer Larry Abbott joined the band and they became Anteapot. Moving to Auckland, they eventually evolved into Dragon (Hunter and Goodwin). Vercoe was briefly a member of Split Enz.

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