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Mandrake: Chris Thompson is second from left, Neil Storey is on drums, Lindsay Wakem on keyboards, Jack Porima on bass, and George Dold on trumpet. Photo courtesy of Malcolm Curson

Mandrake was a Hamilton band from the late 1960s and early 1970s, that included Chris Thompson (guitar), Lindsay Wakem (keyboards), Jackie Porima (bass), Paul Daynes (saxophone) and Neil Reynolds (drums). The initial vocalist was Tony London, with Thompson taking over vocal duties after his departure. Larry Abbott also drummed for the band for a short time, Ivan Thompson played keyboards, and Neil Storey (later of Dragon) played drums when the band moved to Auckland. The band had a residency at Tabla 2, and then moved to Auckland where they had residency at Grannies Nightclub. After Mandrake split up, Chris Thompson moved to the UK where he joined Manfred Mann's Earth Band, while Ivan Thompson and Storey became early members of Dragon.

The band played at the 1972 Ngaruawahia Music Festival.

Published Articles[edit]

  • Globe-trotting Chris jets home for a family chat, Auckland Star, 23 November 1976
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