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Live at the Meteor Theatre cover art

Kaosphere Orchestra is an experimental, improvisational, avant-garde unit comprising over 32 musicians around New Zealand, usually performing as a 13 piece orchestra. Perfomances include playing live, unrehearsed, soundtracks to the Snake Beings film The Alchemical Pilgrimage. In these the musicians face the film screen provided with a cue sheet, which tells them when to play. The system is designed with spontaneity in mind and the aim to gather a group of musicians for performance who have not played or practiced together before. Methods, or rules, for these performances can be found on their website. Performances of this work have included the 2002 Hamilton Flaming Fringe Festival and 2002 Otago Festival of the Arts. Recordings from these performances appear on the album Live Soundtracks to: The Alchemical Pilgrimage. Other performances have been in a similar vein; the album CacoPhonic, for example, features live soundtracks to the Snake Beings films The Shrine and Santa Arson, performed at the Flaming Fringe Festival at the Meteor in 2003.

Kaosphere Orchestra have also contributed to the Chris Thompson album For my Double.


CacoPhonia cover art
  • Live Soundtracks to: The Alchemical Pilgrimage, 2002
  • CacoPhonic, 2003
  • Spliced Device, 2003
  • Circus Mutations, 2003
  • Live at the Meteor Theatre, 2004

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