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AKA Emit Snake-Beings
General outsider Artist

Snake Beings Music[edit]

As a musician/sound-artist Mr Snake Beings has (since the mid-late '80s some time) been responsible for several solo-projects, numerous collaborations with others (many of them long-distance international projects via post), and performed as a member (and often prime mover behind) several bands and large orchestra/collective projects; resulting in the release of over 40 albums that he was the primary instigator of, and appearing as a contributor to innumerable others. Many of the projects have produced the soundtracks for Snakebeings films, and for a number of theatre productions also

Projects have included:

primarily solo-projects:

(early '90s project of Snake Beings +occasional collaborators, whilst still based primarily in and around London)

(another pseudonym for Snakes/Horror Flutes related projects)

  • Circuit 47

(related project exploring various media and collaborations)

collaborations (usually Snakes + one other):

(collaboration with Dan Powell of Wendyhouse, Slouch etc)

(collaborations between Snakes and Martin Webclaw, also long-time Wendyhouse contributor)

(collaboration with Brent Soper of Avant Garbage)

(collaboration with someone known simply as K)

(collaboration between Snake Beings and "Fluffy (Plastic) Squonk")

(collaboration with Anthony Milton)

bands, groups and orchestras:

(band led by Dan Powell of Wendyhouse, for which Mr Snakes plays the drums)

(orchestra featuring up to 35+ NZ & international musicians directed by Mr Snakes)

(Snakebeings has been a long-time collaborator with this group)

External Links[edit]

Official Website

Stills from the film 'The remote Viewers' by SnakeBeings 2006:[edit]