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IronStein was a folk-metal band from Hamilton, active between 2011 and 2015, though they played their final gig in 2014. Live performances were mixed with comedic elements, which included mock arguments onstage, and the performance if skits that lead into each song. The band played four or five gigs at Biddy Mulligan's, as well as at Diggers, churches in Hamilton and Auckland, Brewer's Bar in Mt Maunganui, an open-air gig in Dominion Park, Nawton, as well as a venue in Hawera. Following the breakup of the band, guitarist Adam Helliwell went on to form Ceolskog. Two songs from Ceolskog's debut album Made In My Bedroom were originally IronStein tracks; Ballad of the Lumberjack and Leif Ericson.


  • Peter Letfus - Lead vocals, keyboard, acoustic guitar
  • Adam Helliwell - Lead vocals, lead guitar
  • Scott Campbell Glass - Bass, backing vocals
  • Andrew Edward-Paul - Drums, backing vocals
  • Matt Dalgety - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals

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