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Cafe Oto gig flyer (London, 2008)

Band from the late 1990s, featuring Richard Whyte (guitar), Rick Jensen (guitar/vocals) and Dean Brown (drums). They competed in the Contact 89FM Battle of the Bands in 1997. While in Hamilton they self-released the albums What the Fuck is Fahrenheit? (1997) and Hotel/Motel (1998) and a number of EPs. Between 1999 and 2000 all three members moved to Wellington, and since 2002 have released four albums under the name Nova Scotia. Brown and Jensen later relocated to England, meaning that the band seldom had opportunities to play together. Despite this, in 2008 they played a show at Cafe Oto in London (with Ben Spiers and Alex Mein Smith) and had a split-12" with Dunedin band Eye released by Tipped Bowler Tapes in 2011.

All three members also have numerous solo projects: Dean Brown plays solo as Little Skull, Rick Jensen formed The Rick Jensen Trio/Quartet and The Insect Explosion (among other projects), while Richard Whyte also performs with The Bent Folk and as Dick Whyte: Supercomposer.


"Oceanography" cover art
  • Where Ghosts Go To Die review on the Insample website; "Latest installment from this trio sees them evolving into free-psyche territory on this limited lathe-cut release. Newest in a continuous line of NZ bands who may be the best in the world?"
  • Oceanography review by Paul Hirst from the Headshy website; "Wellington trio Negative Eh embark on a voyage over gentle waves of feedback, sailing on a fair easterly drumbeat, encountering remote islands of fuzz."

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