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"Memphis" cover art

2008 release by Nova Scotia on the Finnish label Ikuisuus. Antony Milton (of AM, Glory Fucking Sun and With Throats As Fine As Needles; runs the record label Pseudo Acrana) guests on Cleopatra's Needle. Excerpts from Memphis can be heard on the Ikuisuus website.

"The recordings were done at 2 seperate gigs at Photospace Gallery in Wellington, NZ. I exhibited at the gallery twice and we began performing there quite often (the owner even played drums for my group The Rick Jensen Trio). Nova Scotia played a number of times there as the environment was particularly suited to us, outside was the main street in Wellington, where everyone would go drinking at night. It was all nightclubs and bars, buskers and drunk people. When we performed we'd open the windows and use any street sound that came through and integrate it into our performance. For the track that features Antony, we played a gig with him and then invited him to join us, it turned out to be an unusual song. All of the performances we did at Photospace had a particular feel to them, and we certainly developed our sound alot with these gigs. There's not a lot more to say about them, at this point we were using many homemade instruments, broken electronics, 4 tracks, and anything we had at hand. This album represents a highly experimental period for us and shows the way we were going at the time." (Rick Jensen, on the Ikuisuus website)


  1. Cleopatra's Needle (9:45)
  2. Sculptures Of The Nile (6:46)
  3. Rosetta Stone Paperweight (13:17)