Luna spark - The Best Of 2001-2008

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"The album cover/tracklist"

The Best Of 2001 - 2008 was a collection released by indietronic project luna spark in March 2009 via torrent and zip file.


  1. Spin, Crash & Burn
  2. I Singled Out Your Heart
  3. Sleepless
  4. Thrill of Your Life
  5. Get Off Of My Case
  6. Pictures On TV
  7. Over the Rainbow
  8. The Election
  9. Ideal Standard
  10. Run Like Hell
  11. The Pressure Is On Us
  12. All Your Rights Are Belong To Us
  13. Kill Everyone
  14. Broken
  15. Ninety Nine

All songs written by tracey exenola, except #5, by tracey exenola and lulu, #7 by H Arlen and E Y Harburg, and #10 by Roger Waters and David Gilmour.


The tracks were recorded from 2001 - 2008, with the majority from 2007 as luna spark released three albums that year. There were no tracks included from Countdown To Meltdown or Panic, but did feature two re-recorded songs that originally appeared on the latter.

The release was accompanied by a zip file 'second best of', that was a collection of other previously released tracks and demo recordings dating back to the late 1990s.


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