Countdown To Meltdown

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Countdown To Meltdown - LP

Countdown to Meltdown was an album released by indietronic project luna spark in 2006. The LP was, from scratch, entirely written, recorded and mixed within the month of February (while tracey exenola had a fulltime day job), and released in early March.


  1. Thursday Morning
  2. Until the End Of Time And Space
  3. Silicon Heaven
  4. Yellow Kevin
  5. Raping the Jesus
  6. In The Court Of Roy
  7. Dead Dog Road
  8. Here Be Dragons
  9. Kosh's Theme
  10. Burning Bush
  11. Don't Breathe Melancholic
  12. You Don't Mean That
  13. Meltdown
  14. The Aftermath

All songs written by tracey exenola.


Countdown To Meltdown was written and recorded in conjunction with the February Album Writing Month(FAWM) - a site establised to encourage songwriters to get motivated, out of whatever ruts they may have, to bust any writers block. After failing to complete either of the previous albums he'd been working on for the previous year, tracey exenola took on the challenge laid down by FAWM, and completed the album in a little over three weeks, taking approximately 60 hours from scratch.

As a result, it wasn't nearly as consistent as 2004's Simcerity, but contained a couple of worthy entries in the luna spark canon in Burning Bush and Yellow Kevin.


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