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Panic - LP

Panic was the debut full length album released by indietronic project luna spark in 2003.


  1. Spin, crash...
  2. ...and burn
  3. I Singled Out Your Heart
  4. Still
  5. Interim
  6. Patterns
  7. Try And Make A Change
  8. State Of Mind
  9. Clarity Has Never Been Divine
  10. Rachmaninov
  11. Moving Target
  12. 129 Die
  13. Closure

Tracks #1-3, 5-11 and 13 written by tracey exenola. #4 and 12 by tracey exenola and rop movie.


Panic was released in mid/late 2003, on a limited number of CDs and to the internet in MP3 form. Featuring a few songs from the previous year's EP Media, including a re-recorded Moving Target, Panic was the most varied and eclectic luna spark release yet. I Singled Out Your Heart was the track most connected with - it was based on a song originally written in mid 1998. Still originally featured on the Planet Claire demo from 2000, and appeared here with an added coda, half-written by rop movie, who also co-wrote 129 Die with tracey exenola way back in 1997. In fact, several of the tracks were already many years old at the time of recording - Try And Make A Change, Still and Clarity Has Never Been Divine all also had their origins in 1998. The most recent song written for Panic was Interim - from 2002 - whose acoustic, plaintive sound would point the way forward for the next luna spark release, Simcerity. The only thing 'new' about many of these songs were the arrangements (eg. Spin, Crash... and burn was originally a 3/4 ballad in the style of Radiohead...)


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