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Free FM logo

Free FM began broadcasting in August 2012, evolving out of Community Radio, which had broadcast on the AM network and low-power 106.7FM frequency. It broadcasts on the 89FM frequency, formerly used by Contact FM, UFM, and others. The station is a member of the 'Association of Community Access Broadcasters'. Following the demise of student radio in Hamilton, Free FM has increased its focus on playing local music which now forms a good part of its approximately 33% NZ music content.

In 2016 'Free FM' began working more closely with Hamilton Underground Press supporting the Future City Festivals, providing support to Volume Collective and in late 2017 taking on the management and control of The Hum.

The station has many shows that include local music, including Waikato Rocks, which broadcasts Waikato rock music. The show started in August 2012, and is on Monday nights at 9pm, hosted by DJ Dogg.

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