Dogs On Prozac

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Dogs On Prozac
Funk/metal/art rock band partially based in Rotorua. Dogs on Prozac won the 2000 UFM Battle of the Bands. They were famous for their theatrical performances including video backdrops, large numbers of extras on stage, and giant dancing robots.
Wayne Fontaine in the City Weekend



The original Dogs on Prozac lineup (Wayne Fontaine, Baz Turner & Olly Eason) recorded two tracks in a weekend at Downbeat Studio in 2001 - Fonzie Gets the Girls, and Hijack the Sun. Fonzie was included in the zero point one compilation.

The band was offered an overseas touring contract, to begin in mid-2003. However, Eason quit in 2002, and was replaced by Morse on drums. Another six rhythm tracks were laid down at Villa Studios in Rotorua. In January 2003 Baz Turner and his partner were killed in a car accident, the day after a show at Barbarella's in Rotorua with Xanadu and The Shrugs. Wayne Fontaine left for Ireland after completing and releasing Songs For the Soon To Be Dead with Eason and Towers at Downbeat Studio. He eventually returned to New Zealand, specifically Auckland, and formed disco-punk band Kitty Hawk.


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