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Platter-Rack Raid With The Rayders cover art

The Rayders were based at the Three Musicians club in Hamilton from early until late 1966, after relocating from Auckland. Prior to being called The Rayders, the band went by the name The Seakers, but changed it in 1965 due to confusion with Australian group the Seekers. However, the band members were identical between the two groups. Before obtaining the Seakers moniker, most of the band were in Gene and the Dynamites, but reverted to the name The Seakers after the departure of vocalist Gene Campbell.

Immediately prior to moving to Hamilton, the Rayders lineup was Brian McCarthy (lead guitar), Lyndsay Mulholland (bass), Ray Mulholland (drums) and Owen 'Danny' Campbell (guitar). In Auckland they had residency at nightclub The Galaxie. Chris Collier (bass) replaced Mullholland when the band shifted to Hamilton, and in mid-1966 Clive Coulson joined as vocalist. Prior to the Rayders disbanding in late 1966, Collier was replaced by Kevin McNeil (ex-the Mods). In Hamilton the band recorded two singles, Its All Over Now Baby Blue and Working Man. After the demise of The Rayders, McNeil reformed The Mods with Coulson.


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