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Sumo Love Machine - Circa 2008

Sumo Love Machine were a Hamilton based garage rock band, who played their first gig in May 2008. They were initially formed as a joke/punk band amongst a group of bored flatmates. The band undergwent many changes in the line-up, and a gradual shift towards more sophisticated brand of good-time 'party' rock with mainstream appeal. By the time the band broke up in 2011, Cappy was the only founding member still active in the group. They released on E.P., the dowload only Pushing and Shoving in 2011.


Thomas Nabbs (vocals)
Christopher Westphal (guitar)
Cappy (guitar)
Mark Oliver (bass)
Ben Walters (drums)
Malachi Guzman (vocals)
Stumpy Steinowicz (bass)
Smash Addams (guitar)
Dave 'Chaos McRangi' (drums)
Alan West (vocals)
Jamie Boyle (drums)

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